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Denver Office Team

We believe in building partnerships with our customers, not low-balling bids to win business. We pride ourselves on meeting commitments, solving problems, and staying plugged in to what’s happening on every job.

Jessica McConnell

Regional Vice President

About Jessica: Interested in golf, proper grammar/spelling, mac & cheese

I grew up in Fenton, Michigan with an older brother and a dad who instilled the love of sports in us at a very early age. Most of my childhood was spent on one field or another playing soccer, basketball and golf. You can call me (very) competitive by nature based on this history, plus I am a die hard Michigan State Spartans fan. I graduated with a BS in Psychology from Grand Valley State University in 2010 and stumbled upon the flooring industry by accident in 2015 and have never looked back. Everyday is a new adventure, and I am grateful to be along for the ride. When not busy working, you can find me taking my dog, Scout, for a hike, listening to country music and watching Friends on repeat.

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Joe Jimenez Jr.

General Manager

About Joe: Family, Friends, Adventures

I am married to my beautiful wife Ashley. We have 3 kids, my 2 oldest are girls and my youngest is a boy. Our lives revolve all around them which includes taking them to their sporting events, fun activities, and hanging out with friends! We are a family that is always on the go exploring new things and living life to the fullest. We surround ourselves with loving family and friends and are always ready to meet new people and embark on new adventures.

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Andrew Muck

About Andrew: Anything outdoors, water sports, golf & hunting

Married to my wife, Erika and we have 1 daughter, Brooklynn, who enjoys keeping us on our toes. I have been in the Multi-Family industry for 9 years and have enjoyed seeing the industry continue to evolve and look forward to seeing it continue to grow bigger than we can imagine. We love the water and love to travel, so if you can’t find us in Colorado, we will be somewhere warm and with the water very close by!

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Ashlan Hren

About Ashlan: Dogs, sports, cooking, outdoors

I have a versatile work history from restaurants, catering and warehouses, started working in the warehouse at Arbor and grew into an operations role. I love problem-solving and helping people by being a support or a resource. I have a dog who is awesome and by far the most important thing in my life.

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Briana Quintana

About Briana: Softball, work, and family time

I work a lot on my weekdays, I play softball on the weekends when the weather is nice and love to travel.

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Haymee Pimentel

About Haymee: Passion for softball, been playing for almost 20 years! Travel & the great times with so many friends and family, hiking and the views that our gorgeous Colorado mountains offer.

I am a mother to 3 beautiful, amazing and loving young ladies! Also grandma/ma to 4 lovely doggies! My family is big, 8 brothers and 1 sister, most of us play softball including my dad and stepmom. I love adventure and have skydived and bungee jumped (if I could do it again I would in a heartbeat)! Crazy that I have been here in Colorado all these years and never been skiing or snowboarding (on the list). After a 20 year career in customer service, my tenure at Arbor began in February 2018. Accounting has been a great challenge, and I look forward to the future here at Arbor.

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James Rockwood

About James: Hiking, competitive shooting

Moved here from the Philly area 8 years ago. Enjoy the mountains and the cold!

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Addison Baca

About Addison: Snowboarding, Video Games, Sports

Born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. I enjoy snowboarding in the winter and hiking and paddleboarding in the summer.

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Major Flowers

About Major: Family, music, games, dancing

Born in Florida, raised in the military and got to see a lot of the world as well as learn how different cultures interact.

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Patzy Arce

About Patzy: Outdoor activities, movies, sports

Originally from Santiago Ixcuintla in Nayarit, Mexico, I am a member of the Arbor purchasing team. You will find me as a friendly multi-tasker who can be relied on to get to the bottom of each project I am assigned.

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Reed Rice

About Reed: Outdoorsman, yachtsman, lover of all things water & Rockies

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Raquel Escorza

About Raquel: Love cooking, watching sports and reading
My name is Raquel born and raised in Denver Colorado I have a 13 year old daughter and l love to cook for my family and friends.

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Richard Clark

About Richard: Bass Guitar, Paddle Boarding, Traveling

I lived in Denver for 55 years where I met my wife JoAnne. We have been married now for 39 years and I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. I joined Arbor a little over 20 years ago as the purchasing manager when there were 4 of us in the office. Now 6 warehouses later and 50 plus employees I have seen Arbor grow quite a bit here in Denver. At the age of 45 going through my midlife crises, I couldn’t afford a corvette so I bought a bass guitar and I have been playing in a church band ever since. As of last year, my new hobby is paddle boarding. It took me most of the summer to learn how to stand up on the thing, so I’m looking forward to this coming summer improving the technique and spending time with the family and grandkids.

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Sineka Lounnivongsa

About Sineka: Decorating my desk, the color pink, and spending time with family.

I love to listen to the morning shows on the radio, it helps put me in a good mood. I love it when I learn new things that teach me something for work or even outside of work. I’m very vocal, and I live by the saying “Closed mouths don’t get fed.” I am reliable, and always willing to help others.

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Steve Christensen

About Steve: Anything in the mountains

Originally from Duluth, Minnesota, on beautiful Lake Superior, I made my way to the mountains over 25 years ago.

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Stephen Meyer

About Stephen: Avalanche, Hiking & Skiing

Passionate and hard-working.

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Tiffany Garofallou

About Tiffany: Travel, events (concerts, sports, comedy), quality time with friends and family & Bourbon

I grew up in White Lake, Michigan where I completed my degree in HR Management from Central Michigan University in 2006. My career path took an immediate turn when I found myself in the multifamily industry with Riverstone Residential Group. Though I am not a skier or snowboarder and would prefer to “hike” to brunch rather than up a mountain, beautiful Colorado has been home since 2006. I married my Weird Al, Yanni, Slash, look-a-like husband Patrick in 2019, hence the strange Greek last name. We have 3 cats (Pepper, Tootsie & Murph) and live the City Slicker, DINK (Dual Income No Kids) lifestyle in downtown Denver. With season tickets, you can call us hardcore Avs fans who are not shy about traveling with the team on occasion. My career on the vendor side of multifamily started in July 2015 with Arbor Contract Carpet where I have worn many hats in sales and marketing. My current role is Director of Training & Quality Assurance for Sales and keeps me busy both at our headquarters and often in one of our other locations.

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