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Serving: Metro Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Huntington Beach & Pasadena

Inland Empire Office Team

We believe in building partnerships with our customers, not low-balling bids to win business. We pride ourselves on meeting commitments, solving problems, and staying plugged in to what’s happening on every job.

Jessica McConnell

Regional Vice President

About Jessica: Interested in golf, proper grammar/spelling, mac & cheese

I grew up in Fenton, Michigan with an older brother and a dad who instilled the love of sports in us at a very early age. Most of my childhood was spent on one field or another playing soccer, basketball and golf. You can call me (very) competitive by nature based on this history, plus I am a die hard Michigan State Spartans fan. I graduated with a BS in Psychology from Grand Valley State University in 2010 and stumbled upon the flooring industry by accident in 2015 and have never looked back. Everyday is a new adventure, and I am grateful to be along for the ride. When not busy working, you can find me taking my dog, Scout, for a hike, listening to country music and watching Friends on repeat. 619-489-0601

Delia Pimentel

General Manager

Netty Chow

Account Executive

About Netty: Interested in volleyball, surfing, traveling, empowering individuals

A long time veteran of the multifamily industry, my experience includes time on both the flooring installer and manufacturer levels. Prior to multifamily flooring, I spent time in hardware sales and support as well as asset management. The youngest of 7 kids, I find laughter, friendship, family and friends as core to personal well being. 714-390-7467

Thomas Mitsueda

Account Executive

Michelle Matthews

Account Executive

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