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Phoenix Office Team

We believe in building partnerships with our customers, not low-balling bids to win business. We pride ourselves on meeting commitments, solving problems, and staying plugged in to what’s happening on every job.

Chuck Short

Regional Vice President

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, I have worked in all areas of the multifamily housing industry from Leasing Agent to Manager in the Southwest, Northeast and even the Caribbean of all places. I am a results-oriented operator and have personally performed every function in flooring from installer to sales to purchasing to operations to management. I spent 18 years with TFC (later Southwestern Floors) as general manager among other roles. combines a group of peers with years of experience with each other and with great customers who have years of experience with us in multifamily flooring. Fortunately, our years in this business has taught us a deep understanding of exactly what is expected. So, if you should schedule a job late into the evening on, it will be done on time. In fact, if you schedule for the same day on, do not be surprised if we arrive within the hour.

On a personal note, I am a general tech enthusiast who always enjoys testing out the latest and greatest gadgets, including iPhones, watches, tablets and PCs. My son Alex, a member of our software development team, helps keep me abreast of all the newest developments.

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Bobby Campos

General Manager

About Bobby: Interested in living each day to its fullest, enthusiastic customer service, my Phoenix Suns, music, social networking

I was born and raised in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona and have lived here my whole life. The flooring industry pulled me in at the ripe age of 18 when I accepted an entry level position at Big D’s, one of the largest flooring supply & tools distributors in the US. My quick grasp of the industry developed into management opportunities, and I soon operated my own branch that grew into the most successful of the company’s 30+ locals. After 8 years there I decided to take on a new challenge and went into the actual installation of flooring. 2+ years later after learning installation and field supervision, I jumped at the opportunity to join in early 2011 and am with who I believe to be the finest, most knowledgeable, most experienced, most friendly colleagues in the flooring industry!

Aside from work, I love spending time with family, friends and my lovely girlfriend Dorie. I’m a lifelong, die-hard Phoenix Suns basketball fan and a total sports junkie in general. Music is also a passion where I consume 16+ hours a day and on weekends you can find me out on the town listening to different DJ’s spin music. You could also call me a social media junkie! I’m on Twitter sharing whatever comes to my mind at any given time and conversing with friends.

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Daniela Soto

About Daniela: Invest in yourself because no one will! Business, Entrepreneur, Sales, Finance

Family is always first. I love fashion and modeling. I would like to take an interest in entrepreneurship because I like turning ideas into reality. Math expert, beauty and brains. Traveling to beautiful places is one of my biggest hobbies. I enjoy nature and animals. Gym junkie focusing on mind, body and soul!

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Anna Valenzuela

About Anna: Interested in movies and dining

Born & raised in Phoenix, I am happily married with 7 kids and 6 grandkids. We love to travel to the beach and hang out with family and friends on weekends.

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Esmeralda Ramos

About Esmeralda: Interested in community awareness, taking care of plants, comic books, & cosplaying

My name is Esmeralda Ramos. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, I have over 5 years of customer service experience in a plethora of fields. I enjoy helping others daily and volunteer for local non profit organizations that allow me to give back to our community. I really enjoy branching out on adventures while trying new food or exploring new places.

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Estefania Reyes

About Estefania: Reading & trying new food

I was born in beautiful Mazatlan, Sinaloa, and raised in Arizona. I enjoy the dry heat and scenic views this state offers. I spend a lot of my free time reading and I enjoy trying new make-up trends. It is rewarding to be a resource to others, I am happy to be part of a great team.

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Gina Traynor

About Gina: Doggo mom, avid reader, outdoor adventurer

I was born and raised in the once small city of Chandler, Arizona, back when we had only one high school and lots of farmland. I spent every possible moment pursuing my love for dance, and was fortunate to do a lot of traveling as a teenager. Through my trips abroad I developed a huge fondness for learning about other cultures and languages. My college years led me to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona (go Cats!) where I received degrees in Spanish and Italian, and my wanderlust led me to study for a semester in Spain.

After completing my education, I spent several years working in commercial construction and asset management as well as residential real estate. Through my beautiful childhood friend (and teammate) Keeley Watkins, I landed a position at TFC as an inside sales representative and that is where I found my home. Over the years I learned all aspects of the multifamily flooring business, finding strengths in areas like contract management, new construction and accounting. This path eventually led to the advent of, where we are forging new paths in the flooring and apartment industries. I take inspiration from each of my incredible partners here and strive to always give them my very best.

Outside of work I spend as much time as possible outdoors. I love hiking, backpacking and traveling, and am a devoted animal lover. In 2016, I landed a date with the GOAT, and three years later we married in Vegas. My husband Sean and I actually knew each other from childhood through high school, and by some miracle reconnected after 20 years! Our little family is complete with our four precious doggos, Miles, Nina, Crash and Burn.

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Itzel Garcia

About Itzel: Music festivals, hiking, and spending time with friends and family

I was born in Tepic, Nayarit but was raised from a small age in Salt Lake City, Utah. My family and I moved to Phoenix, AZ about 5 years ago. Since then I’ve been in the customer service industry. I really love meeting new people and visiting new places.

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Kelsey Garcia

About Kelsey: Art, Philosophy, Road Trips, Photography

I am a Phoenix native and proud to call Arizona home. When I am not working you can find me lost in nature or in a creative pursuit with my camera. I also enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures which led me to study Sustainable Tourism and Sociology at Arizona State University. However, my biggest joy comes from being a mom to my two awesome, almost teenage boys. I enjoy being a boy mom so much I have added two dogs, a ball python, and a desert tortoise to the family. I turn to meditation and yoga in an attempt to keep myself sane and grounded.

I joined Arbor Contract Carpet after nearly 15 years in the hospitality industry and have extensive experience in corporate event planning and hotel management. I previously held leadership positions in a variety of departments including customer service, sales and marketing, and events.

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Monica Rodriguez

About Monica: Family Oriented, Roadtrips, Tattoos
I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I moved to Arizona when I was 9 years old. I love going on road trips and spending time with my family. I have over 4 years of customer service experience ranging from fast food to Administrative Assistant. If I’m not working you can find me hanging out with my sisters or getting more ink.

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Natasha Smith

About Natasha: Interested in providing memorable customer service and creating lasting relationships. Happiest when with family, working out, playing golf, or of course just eating and binging Netflix!

I was born and raised in Tucson until my family moved to Sahuarita to get away from the city. My mother was a captain firefighter for Green Valley Fire for over 20 years and instilled a great deal of empowerment and determination into my character from a young age. I am the oldest of five and love coming from a big family. Campfires and cornhole tournaments are very common in my family and calling me competitive would be an understatement. I graduated from the University of Arizona in May of 2016 and wasn’t quite sure what road to take after only knowing the life of a student but knew that whatever road I followed though, it would be a road to success. I always intend on being the hardest working person in the room and will always be the first to volunteer to help others when needed. Growing up, I played sports since I was 5 years old and had a coach as a father. The best advice he has ever given me is, “Work to be the most coachable person on the team, not the best, and to not forget that a team is only successful if you work together as one.” I am excited to return to Carpeturn after a few years in the Montana mountains and hope to help continue the success and growth of the company.

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Paloma Rivera

About Paloma: Hot Cheetos, Marvel, Disney, traveling, food

Born and raised in Phoenix, customer service has always been my specialty. From food service to healthcare and now with Carpeturn, being a reliable and helpful source to others is what I enjoy best. I am thankful to be a part of a great team. Outside of work, you can call me a movie junkie. Most weekends are spent at the movies, grubbing on popcorn. Though I have not done much of it, I really enjoy traveling and was able to take a trip to Hawaii and hope to go to more tropical places in the future.

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Victor Aguilar

About Victor: Interested in making things around me better, the 49ers, Lizette, Crystal & Alyvia

Originally from El Paso, Texas, I come from a hard working family of entrepreneurs who moved us to Phoenix during high school. My parents started me in music early and often – I played the violin in elementary school and then transitioned to saxophone in high school where I was also a member of the marching band. I always made time to work during school and got my start busing tables at the local racetrack at 14 and then began installing carpet & vinyl soon after. Believe it or not, I had over 20 years of experience in the multifamily flooring industry before my 40th birthday!

Flooring installation is where I made my mark and, though it seems a bit insane looking back on my days as a full-time installer, I often ended work after my 4th or 5th job for the day and long after nightfall. I was young, my back was strong and the money was good. I completed my business and law degree in 2001 and started Victor Aguilar Flooring Systems, Inc. the following year after passing the Arizona Registrar of Contractors requirements along with New Mexico in 2012 (ROC# 174198 | NM LIC# 375215). Since 2001, my business has grown steadily because of my team’s commitment to high-quality installations. We believe that each job is the most important job and hold ourselves to a higher standard than our customers ever would, so we’ve been fortunate to grow by word of mouth throughout Arizona, New Mexico and now Texas.

Call me a hardcore 49ers fan and that may not express my passion, my first car was a 1972 Ford Pinto, I was once a Boy Scout and am the proud father of 3 lovely daughters who brighten each and every day for their dad.

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Sorayma Apodaca

About Sorayma: Movies, traveling, exercising, hiking, reading

I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico but have lived all my life in Phoenix, Arizona. Believe it or not, I worked as a barber for the past 9 years. Working with people and providing good customer service is a hallmark for me. Always open to new challenges and to learning new stuff, I am excited about the opportunity to manage installer accounting and human resources for a successful flooring contractor.

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Stephanie Kearbey

About Stephanie: Outdoor activities, going to the lake, hiking, family & friends

I am 26 years old and moved to Arizona 5 years ago from Illinois. Arizona is my forever home. I worked in law enforcement for 4 years, and just switched careers. My husband Hayden is a Blackhawk pilot for the Army and also a Pilot for the airlines. We have two cats that are our babies.

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Aiden Schoenhardt

About Aiden: Interested in anything Star Wars, history, comic books, video games & movies
Originally from Patterson, California, I moved to Illinois for a few years and then eventually here to Arizona. I love to travel and have been to most of the states here in the US. I am excited to be a part of the team.

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Angel Reyes

About Angel: Basketball, Phoenix Suns, AC Milan

Born and raised in Arizona, I have never had the urge to live elsewhere. If we are talking sports, go straight to my Phoenix Suns and their first trip to the NBA finals in over 28 years. Let’s go Valley of the Sun!

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Brooke Bishop

About Brooke: Spending time with family, Camping, Traveling

I was born and raised in Arizona and absolutely love it here. Multihousing has been close to me as my mom has a long history in the industry. I started off in retail sales and really enjoyed it, learning both the business side as well as logistics for retail. An opportunity arose in the multifamily industry and, considering it a great path moving forward from my mom’s experience, I jumped at the chance for personal growth as well as getting to be around great people. When I learned about the vendor side of the business, I immediately knew that was the spot for me and am excited to start on this new adventure with When not busy on the job, you can find me camping in the mountains with my family and our 2 dogs.

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Brian Westfall

About Brian: Interested in floorplans, laser Distos, reducing waste, FJ Cruisers, the great outdoors including camping & fly fishing

I come from a large family, in fact my father is one of 19 who have called Arizona their home for many years. Calling us native Arizonaians is a bit of an understatement – my great grandma carried the state flag down Central Avenue when Arizona gained statehood in 1912. My sister Katie and I were born & raised here into a strong network of family and friends who share an appreciation for the outdoors and adventure, often spending time in the mountains from Arizona to Montana.

I ventured south to the University of Arizona and graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Management. As a means of income while attending college I worked part-time in the flooring industry for TDC Tucson, handling all sorts of tasks from a handy man tearing the company office roof to the purchasing and inventory department. After graduation, I was offered a position at the corporate office and moved back to Tempe where I eventually transitioned into the multifamily housing business with TFC then to Southwestern Floors. In this process I developed great relationships which have led me to where I am excited to continue down a new path with a great team.

I spend much of my time with my girlfriend Sara, family and friends while continuing to seek out opportunities to pursue my passion for the outdoors particularly fly fishing, 4-wheeling and backpacking. Most of that time is spent in the remote mountains of central and eastern Arizona.

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Cade Herbolsheimer

About Cade: My interests include sports, music, traveling, fitness and photography

I was born and raised in Amarillo, TX, and after graduating high school I moved off to College Station, TX where I got my associates degree at Blinn Junior College. Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my life, I decided to pack everything up and move out here to the valley. After four amazing years here in Arizona, I can honestly say I’ve fallen in love with this place. I’ve met some of the most amazing friends and made lifelong memories.

I had no prior flooring experience when I first got here, but after getting started in the industry I quickly developed an interest. I worked as a salesman for four years at a flooring company in Ahwatukee until recently being hired by Arbor Contract Carpet. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and excited to see what the world of multifamily flooring has in store for me.

When I’m not working I spend my free time golfing, working out, going to live music shows, snowboarding or just hanging out with friends. I love being active and living my life to the fullest. Cheers!

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Usiel Gamez

About Usiel: Video games, Star Wars, Working out

Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I love technology and being with friends and family.

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Cory Glenn

About Cory: Interested in organized warehouse operations, smooth loadouts, basketball, football, movies & outdoors

I have moved from Arizona to New Mexico to Dallas and now back to Phoenix, taking on any opportunity to work and grow at! Having spent my first 20 years in and around Tucson, I have enjoyed living in new areas since. A fan of all sports, my favorites are football & basketball and if rooting for teams it’s the Duke Blue Devils and anyone playing against the Dallas Cowboys. I played the latter for 4 years in high school – Mountain View Lions.

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Dante Buscaglia

About Dante: I love new challenges and bring lots of energy and ideas to everything in my life. I am excited for the new challenges ahead to help grow and Arbor Carpets here in Phoenix.

I have lived in Arizona for over 30 years now and still love it. After a short time away when I went to college just outside of St Louis, I gladly made my way back to the Valley of the Sun. At school I was on the football and soccer teams and kept a very busy schedule.

As my past activities show, I am an avid lover of all things sports. My favorite team is the AZ Dbacks, Cardinals, and Suns. In fact, I am such a baseball fan that we were season ticket holders for the Dbacks from 2006- 2018. My wife is the love of my life. We actually have known each other since junior high school and were married at the end of 2016. We welcomed our 1st son Marco to the world in 2018, and our 2nd son Bridges in 2019. It’s so wonderful to see them grow and learn new things.

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Dwight Pope

About Dwight: Interested in always delivering on my promises & spending time with my family, especially my wife Karen my partner of 30 years

I moved to Phoenix in 1964 with my parents from a small town in Illinois. I’ve been married for 30 years to a wonderful woman, she makes me say that but it’s true. We have a daughter and son and are also blessed with two granddaughters pictured below.

I started in the floor covering industry in 1982 working retail for a major company in the Phoenix Valley. In 1990, I had the chance to work for a distributor in Phoenix where I was tenured for almost 19 years. The last few years high end and commercial carpet has been my calling as an independent sales representative. I have enjoyed working in the floor covering industry and smile when I realize it’s been almost 30 years!

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Gus Jacobson

About Gus: Interested in web sites and user experience, friends, family, music, “thrills” and designing with you in mind

I graduated from Western Michigan University with a BS in Industrial Design and was a pitcher on the varsity baseball team. While taking my studio classes, I gained knowledge in product development and research along with insights into business practices through internships at public & private companies in the area. These experiences prepared me for the “real world” and multifamily housing. I was first brought in as a hired gun to produce intro and help videos for a website. My new found talents had me thinking about a career in the film world but that thought was short lived when base grade carpet & vinyl pulled me back. I continued to provide support for the company and learned more about the industry. Soon I was presented with change and a huge opportunity to work with great people to create something new called Since creation is something that drives me to the core, this path was an easy decision. I would say that one of my best qualities is the quest to learn as much as I can from everyone who influences me. Then use lessons learned to create new processes or improve productivity. I will always ask “why?”

So a little about me…I am an Arizona native and grew up in Cave Creek. I played baseball, basketball and football through high school and then went on to college to play baseball. My career was done after college but our family still lives the dream through my younger brother Brett who is playing in the Twins organization. My younger sister Maggie recently finished college and is working for the Cleveland Federal Reserve using her economics and trilingual background. My parents both hail from the Motor City and are still happily living in the house I grew up in.

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Jacob Phillips

About Jacob: I like an organized warehouse & smooth loadouts, plus all sports Boston

I love good old fashioned hard work and maybe that is why I have always been a fan of Boston area sports teams. Whether the Celtics, Pats, Bruins or Bo Sox; they all share a gritty dig it out of the dirt mindset. That said, all sports are interesting to me, especially when one of my teams is a participant. I look forward to being part of the team and look forward to the challenge of my new career opportunity in flooring.

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Javier Munoz

About Javier: Interested in drawing, 1st class customer service, accurate billing, scalable growth & highly satisfied customers

Born in California, my family moved to Phoenix in 1995. Raised around the flooring industry, I started assisting my father at a young age and have extensive experience installing carpet, vinyl, VCT, vinyl plank, tile, hard wood and most any other common or exotic flooring for multifamily and single family properties.

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Jorge Aguero

About Jorge: Flooring, sandwiches, Boston Celtics, Nissan Motorsport, watching Netflix

Originally from Juan Aldama, Zacatecas, I grew up helping my dad as a flooring installer in the Phoenix valley. Starting out learning important company functions like warehousing & installer load-out, I am excited to learn more about the business side of flooring. My hopes are to become a great employee and work my way into more responsibilities at

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Jose Chaparro Jr

About Jose: Family, dobermans, football, boxing, UFC, weightlifting

I was born and raised in Phoenix before moving with my family to Apache Junction in the East Valley. Growing up around the flooring industry, one of my first jobs was assisting my dad by simply cleaning up the units after installations. My entire working career has been around customer service. Showing people that I am always here to assist in any way possible is something I have always enjoyed. My background in customer service ranges from call centers to banking and even to auto insurance.

Outside of work, I am all about family and love being around kids and people in general. My 1 year old doberman keeps me busy and always puts a smile on my face. Weight lifting has become a recent passion and is something you can find me doing on a daily basis.

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Juan Leon

About Juan: I love my family and making them smile, my truck and restoring cars…and of course like my sons am a diehard 49 fan!

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Leonel Beas

About Leonel: Hiking, photography, and trying new foods

I grew up in Phoenix, enjoying all the hikes and heat it has to offer. I enjoy eating out with friends at a new spot, as well as capturing pretty much anything through photography. Coming from a family with strong values and recognition for hard work, I implement dedication into anything that I do. The Customer care industry, for me, is both gratifying and admirable.

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Liam Hawkins

About Liam: Video games, television, writing

I like to play video games and learn about the English language.

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Luis Zavala Jr

I am the oldest of 3 siblings and have worked with my dad installing carpet in apartments since I was 10 years old. My interests include 1st class customer service, efficient daily operations as the interface between customers, installers and sales. In my spare time, I play bass guitar often at my church, watch good movies & most any basketball, football & baseball game on TV or when possible live.

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Raoul Garcia

About Raoul: Online gaming, Computers, League of Legend

Phoenix is my home and I am proud to be an Arizona native. I enjoy spending the hot summers indoors playing online games with my friends.

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Raul Contreras Jr

About Raul: Interested in floorplan seam layouts & take-offs, football, baseball, camping & cars

Born and raised in Arizona, I am the son of a seasoned installer and started learning the trade at a young age. In fact, I have been my dad’s helper every summer since the tender age of 12, so while just a pup I have a strong work ethic and knowledge of multifamily flooring. I’m excited to use my background in flooring as a member of the Customer Care team, focusing on floor plan take-offs and sales support.

I enjoy all sports especially football and baseball and like my dad have a love of cars, particularly the classics. When time permits, my younger sister and 2 younger brothers and I gang up on dad and drag him into the woods for good old fashioned family camping trips.

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Raul Contreras Sr

About Raul: Originally from Chaparrel, New Mexico, I am a proud father of 4 – Raul Jr. , Ruben, Elizabeth and Victor. “How bout them Cowboys!”

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