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We believe in building partnerships with our customers, not low-balling bids to win business. We pride ourselves on meeting commitments, solving problems, and staying plugged in to what’s happening on every job.

Joe Savarino

Vice President of Software Development

Denver, CO

About Joe: Interested in web, mobile web & how technology can simplify things
I have been in & around the Internet since 1997 at several start-ups, a few successful and a few not worth mentioning. 3 partners and I started Zengine, Inc. in 1998 and took the company public on Nasdaq in the heart of the technology boom, later selling the company in 2001. After chasing a lifelong dream of playing professional golf for a few years throughout Florida and east coast pro & amateur mini-tours, we built custom homes in Las Vegas while working on select Internet consulting projects. began in June 2010 leveraging Internet technology to simplify flooring installation, replacement and repair for the apartment industry.
From an immigrant background like most Americans, my family arrived around WWI from Sicily on my father’s side and my grandmother fled from Latvia with my then young mother during WWII. They came to this country seeking the better life that America promised. I carry their spirit and honor the family members who came before me by giving my best in anything that I do as I believe if it’s worth doing then it’s worth doing to the best of your ability. My immediate family resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where my 3 sisters and brother run their own businesses and have blessed us with 3 nephews and 2 nieces. 602-334-6613

Susan Graham

Vice President of Operations

Raleigh, NC

About Susan: Baseball, learning how to play golf, dogs, and the beach
I was born and raised in Wilmington, DE, but moved south and received my Bachelors degree from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. After 5 years in retail management, and 2 years living in Germany, I relocated to Colorado and I began working in the multifamily industry. I have been engrossed ever since! I spent my first 10 years on the property management side of the industry and have been on the supplier side since 2003. I thrive on learning, details, sharing knowledge, and understanding processes. I am a dog person, with a soft spot for bulldogs. I love being outside and at home by the ocean. Learning how to play golf is a hobby, but baseball is my first true love! 720-217-8912

Gus Jacobson

Director of Software Development

Phoenix, AZ

About Gus: Interested in web sites and user experience, friends, family, music, “thrills” and designing with you in mind

I graduated from Western Michigan University with a BS in Industrial Design and was a pitcher on the varsity baseball team. While taking my studio classes, I gained knowledge in product development and research along with insights into business practices through internships at public & private companies in the area. These experiences prepared me for the “real world” and multifamily housing. I was first brought in as a hired gun to produce intro and help videos for a website. My new found talents had me thinking about a career in the film world but that thought was short lived when base grade carpet & vinyl pulled me back. I continued to provide support for the company and learned more about the industry. Soon I was presented with change and a huge opportunity to work with great people to create something new called Since creation is something that drives me to the core, this path was an easy decision. I would say that one of my best qualities is the quest to learn as much as I can from everyone who influences me. Then use lessons learned to create new processes or improve productivity. I will always ask “why?”

So a little about me…I am an Arizona native and grew up in Cave Creek. I played baseball, basketball and football through high school and then went on to college to play baseball. My career was done after college but our family still lives the dream through my younger brother Brett who is playing in the Twins organization. My younger sister Maggie recently finished college and is working for the Cleveland Federal Reserve using her economics and trilingual background. My parents both hail from the Motor City and are still happily living in the house I grew up in. 602-396-4220

Gina Traynor

Director of Software Development

Phoenix, AZ

About Gina: Doggo mom, avid reader, outdoor adventurer

I was born and raised in the once small city of Chandler, Arizona, back when we had only one high school and lots of farmland. I spent every possible moment pursuing my love for dance, and was fortunate to do a lot of traveling as a teenager. Through my trips abroad I developed a huge fondness for learning about other cultures and languages. My college years led me to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona (go Cats!) where I received degrees in Spanish and Italian, and my wanderlust led me to study for a semester in Spain.

After completing my education, I spent several years working in commercial construction and asset management as well as residential real estate. Through my beautiful childhood friend (and teammate) Keeley Watkins, I landed a position at TFC as an inside sales representative and that is where I found my home. Over the years I learned all aspects of the multifamily flooring business, finding strengths in areas like contract management, new construction and accounting. This path eventually led to the advent of, where we are forging new paths in the flooring and apartment industries. I take inspiration from each of my incredible partners here and strive to always give them my very best.

Outside of work I spend as much time as possible outdoors. I love hiking, backpacking and traveling, and am a devoted animal lover. In 2016, I landed a date with the GOAT, and three years later we married in Vegas. My husband Sean and I actually knew each other from childhood through high school, and by some miracle reconnected after 20 years! Our little family is complete with our four precious doggos, Miles, Nina, Crash and Burn. 602-481-7634

Phebe Sansom

Director of Accounting

Dallas, TX

About Phebe: Being outdoors, spending time with family, and finding a quiet spot to read & relax

While I’m from a small town in Kansas, I packed my car at the age of 21 and jetted off to Dallas, TX to see what city life was about. 20 years later I call DFW home. I landed at Arbor Contract Carpet, Inc. in 2006 and started as an Accounting Clerk, covering & learning various areas within Accounting. I was soon moved to Accounts Payable and as the company grew, so did my role within the department. 14 years later I’m now the Accounting Manager. What I enjoy most about my job are the opportunities to help others develop and come into their own as well seeing my hard work pay off for the company through mindful management of the company finances. Not to mention having formed some great relationships over the years with my coworkers, customers & vendors alike. Arbor has truly become my family away from home. When I’m not at work, you can usually find me spending time with family, particularly my 6 yo son, and enjoying this “boy-mom” stage in life. 214-455-8424

Richard Clark

Procurement Manager

About Richard: Bass Guitar, Paddle Boarding, Traveling

I lived in Denver for 55 years where I met my wife JoAnne. We have been married now for 39 years and I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. I joined Arbor a little over 20 years ago as the purchasing manager when there were 4 of us in the office. Now 6 warehouses later and 50 plus employees I have seen Arbor grow quite a bit here in Denver. At the age of 45 going through my midlife crises, I couldn’t afford a corvette so I bought a bass guitar and I have been playing in a church band ever since. As of last year, my new hobby is paddle boarding. It took me most of the summer to learn how to stand up on the thing, so I’m looking forward to this coming summer improving the technique and spending time with the family and grandkids. 720-937-5072

Brian Westfall

Procurement Manager

About Brian: Interested in floorplans, laser Distos, reducing waste, FJ Cruisers, the great outdoors including camping & fly fishing

I come from a large family, in fact my father is one of 19 who have called Arizona their home for many years. Calling us native Arizonaians is a bit of an understatement – my great grandma carried the state flag down Central Avenue when Arizona gained statehood in 1912. My sister Katie and I were born & raised here into a strong network of family and friends who share an appreciation for the outdoors and adventure, often spending time in the mountains from Arizona to Montana.

I ventured south to the University of Arizona and graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Management. As a means of income while attending college I worked part-time in the flooring industry for TDC Tucson, handling all sorts of tasks from a handy man tearing the company office roof to the purchasing and inventory department. After graduation, I was offered a position at the corporate office and moved back to Tempe where I eventually transitioned into the multifamily housing business with TFC then to Southwestern Floors. In this process I developed great relationships which have led me to where I am excited to continue down a new path with a great team.

I spend much of my time with my girlfriend Sara, family and friends while continuing to seek out opportunities to pursue my passion for the outdoors particularly fly fishing, 4-wheeling and backpacking. Most of that time is spent in the remote mountains of central and eastern Arizona. 480-239-4376

Keeley Watkins

Director of Training, West

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